Past Eats Part 1

Seeing as how my camera charger is currently MIA in the craziness that is my room, I bring to you the eats from my trip to California this past May. On May 12th, 2010, my sister and I set out on a week-long trip to San Diego, California.

Glee was the soundtrack to half of the flight.

Once we arrived in San Diego we were picked up by one our Aunts who live there. Her house is where we spent most of our time at. First however, we stopped for some lunch.

I’ve been to Ki’s restaurant in my previous trips to CA but this time I went for something different.

This sandwich was to die for. Filled to the brim with carrots, sprouts, avocado, cucumber and leafy greens. It was just the way I wanted to start off my trip. Going into this vacation, one of my goals was to try new foods, and a few old favorites.

One of the things I saw on my first day was my Aunt’s amazing garden that she had set up in part of her back yard. Already she had many fruits, veggies, flowers and herbs growing wild.

One of my goals when I am grown up and living on my own is I would love a pond, and a garden just like this.

A few days later I actually got to pull some of these beauty’s off the tree and use for drinks for a party.

One of the stops me and my sister C made was in Laguna Beach. We had both been there previously, so we knew a stop at Pomodoro. It is this amazingly good Italian restaurant in downtown LB. For Laguna fans, it has been seen on the show numerous times.

While C went for something different, I chose my favorite; the chicken parm. But for starters, we each had a bowl of soup.

My sister chose a pasta dish.

While my chicken was amazing just as I remembered. One of the things I love about this place is that you get such a big portion for not a lot of money. Surely enough to bring home for dinner, or lunch the next day.

For dessert we stopped by a bakery a few blocks away that had the most delicious looking treats from; chocolate/candy covered apples, cheesecakes, various cookies, and my favorite frozen chocolate covered bananas.

That was only two days in CA and all amazing eats. I leave you with a picture of what’s to come! 


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